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Yahoo! Finance’s domain authority is 93, and the site attracts around 244 million visitors a month, making it one of the most useful news vendors from a marketing perspective.
The website belongs to the Yahoo! Network, and offers financial news, data and commentary such as stock quotes, financial reports, original content, and of course press releases. It also provides various online tools to help with personal finance management.
With its slant toward finance, this often makes it an ideal partner when you need to generate buzz for a product launch when you’re raising investment, if you need to pass a finance-related message to clients or when you want to keep the public up to date with your response during a crisis management situation. If your story is finance-related, your brand can benefit when we place it with Yahoo! Finance.

Reach Your Audience

If your company is from the fintech, venture capital, hedge fund, brokerage, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cyber security, SaaS, real estate, agriculture, healthcare and wellness, international trade, business services, energy, professional training, or retail sectors then your press release will be in similar company, as we have successfully published such businesses before.

A press release is only as good as the platform it is hosted on, and that is one of the reasons why we publish to Yahoo! Finance.

Yahoo! Finance is one of the carefully selected venues we rely on to boost your visibility and help take your brand to new heights.



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