MarketWatch’s domain authority is 95, and each month the site is visited 71.4 million times per month. This popular domain offers financial information, business news, analysis and stock market data. We have successfully placed press releases with MarketWatch for businesses from many different sectors including fintech, venture capital, hedge funds, brokerages, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cyber security, SaaS, real estate, agriculture, healthcare and wellness, international trade, business services, energy, professional training, and retail. 

There are many reasons for your business to put out a well-crafted press release. You might want to draw attention to your latest product launch, or it could be that you are raising investment capital and want to attract the attention of potential investors with a favourable story. You might see the need to publicly pass a message to clients, particularly when something has gone wrong and your crisis management strategy calls for a public response.

Whatever your needs, we can place your press releases with high-ranking sites like MarketWatch to generate exposure that enhances public perception of your brand.


A successful press release can generate stories with a momentum of their own, potentially outshining your other marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost. As a respected forum for the latest business news, MarketWatch can help your news story to reach its natural audience and raise your brand’s profile by association. With so much competition, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to outshine your competitors and keep your brand relevant.

As well as publicising your brand and keeping your company’s latest developments at the forefront of the minds of your customers, investors, and competitors, a MarketWatch press release also helps your organic search results. Since it’s a high authority site, a link to your company domain from MarketWatch will be viewed as a ‘vote of confidence’ by search engines that pushes you towards the top of their results.



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