Bloomberg is a private financial-data services and media company and a world leader in business and financial news and insight, delivering 5,000 stories a day to 1,600+ media outlets and corporations in 130 countries. Bloomberg says that its mission is to supply accurate information to the world’s decision-makers, helping them to make faster and smarter decisions, and its up-to-the-minute business and economic news has been guiding investors since 1990. 


Bloomberg has become such a highly trusted business news brand that it lends a halo effect to any business, investment and financial news that it hosts or distributes. This makes it an especially beneficial platform for brands like yours when you have updates about your company to share with the world. Whatever you have to say, the Bloomberg name confers trust and enhances your brand equity.

Whenever you need to publicise a product launch, a push toward raising investment, a message to clients or even a sincere apology as part of your crisis management strategy, a press release hosted by Bloomberg gives your messaging an extra layer of credibility and goodwill that will help it to resonate better with your audience.


Bloomberg has achieved a domain authority of 86 and attracts more than 75 million visitors a month, which explains why Bloomberg is among our most important news hosts. Other providers may boast higher visitor numbers, but in this case, quality is more important than quantity. Few other outlets can claim to put your story before so many members of your target audience.


We know that Bloomberg can successfully amplify the messaging of companies from a wide variety of industries, because our clients have included brands from fintech, venture capital, hedge funds, brokerages, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cyber security, SaaS, real estate, agriculture, healthcare and wellness, international trade, business services, energy, professional training, retail and more. Add press releases to your marketing strategy, and feel confident that we will use top-level outlets such as Bloomberg to reach the audience segments that will elevate your brand’s reputation, helping you to find new customers and investors.



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