A good reputation can promote trust in your company, boost sales and attract better candidates for your vacancies, but in the current climate, it doesn’t take much to dent public perception of your good name.


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Your reputation is the sum of what everyone is saying about you, and in the age of social media, reputations can be tarnished more quickly than ever. It’s not just the fallout from an ill-advised tweet you need to worry about, it’s the fact that every customer can go online and take your company to task for what they see as a breach of corporate responsibility, poor service, a product recall, or anything else that inflames them.


Another factor to consider is that bad news doesn’t just go away anymore. They say that the Internet never forgets, so damaging material can hang around for years, be resurrected, and still rank in search engine results. This adds an extra dimension to any negative press around your brand. With so many opportunities to dent it, good reputation management has suddenly become an essential part of your marketing strategy.


We know how to defend your reputation using both long-term and short-term PR packages. We can also offer you guaranteed coverage with publishers like Forbes, Nasdaq, and Entrepreneur that transmit the good news about you to huge audiences. PR for reputation management can include taking down damaging online articles, responding positively to both good and bad reviews, or collaborating with influencers to gain credibility and generate buzz. Whatever comes your way, we have the tools and expertise to help your reputation shine.

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