These days having a good product isn’t enough. In saturated and ever more competitive markets, the difference between success and failure is the strong narrative that supports your product. This is where a strong public relations strategy becomes essential. If you want the world to notice your new product, then you need to give journalists, commentators and customers a reason to take you seriously as an authority in your industry. Without a good PR campaign, your product launch could be greeted with a deafening silence.


We know how to create the necessary buzz around your product using both long-term and short-term PR packages. We also know how to establish you as a leading authority in your field. We can craft unique strategies that speak directly to your target audience, and we offer guaranteed coverage, so that premium outlets such as Forbes, Nasdaq, and Entrepreneur will be talking about your new product, thus spreading your message far and wide.


During pre-launch, we focus on building awareness of your brand. Six months ahead of time we begin to establish your authority so that when the media is looking at your brand history, they find that your online activities reflect a company that is a credible source of industry knowledge and expertise. Your social media profiles, blog and guest posts on other forums raise awareness, establish your credentials and give the impression of a respected industry leader.

This is important because when launch day comes, a lack of history will not inspire confidence. Nobody is likely to turn to you for professional commentary if you seem to have sprung up overnight. Your track record of engagement is a powerful tool that is built over time, so you can never start soon enough.


Your personally tailored PR campaign will build your reputation so that when your new product launches, the world will be ready for it and eager to engage. We will create a buzz around your product in all the right places, regularly announce updates, and leverage social media to foster goodwill and ultimately increase sales.

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