Get Guaranteed Coverage in The World’s Leading Publications. Get your brand name featured on USA Today, Nasdaq, Venture Beat, BBC, Yahoo! Finance, and other leading Tier 1 media outlets in the world!


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Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “We got featured on BBC the other day”?

Well, that’s what you’ll get working with OBA PR.

Unlike other media agencies that will charge you upfront and never actually get you published, we believe you should pay for results.


PR has always been costly, with most agencies charging retainers or billable hours only to put your project on the back burner. In the meantime, you get no ROI on your retainer and your billable hours keep racking up.

Our approach is totally the opposite: You only pay for results. In other words, No results, No pay.

With this approach, we have completely revolutionized the world of PR as now,

    • PR no longer needs to be the painstaking, touch-and-go, dubious, and wasteful process it’s always been. We have brought certainty to the table.
    • Small businesses can access the same PR services that were only available to large enterprises.


    • Cost effectiveness:

      Set your budget, and we will craft a media coverage plan to suit it. This helps you get your cost of doing business to a manageable level.

    • Zero risk:

      No retainer means no risk of losing your business capital.

    • Results you can be happy with:

      We work on a performance-based model where you pay and get results.

    • Fast execution:

      You no longer have to wait weeks or months to finally see your content published. We treat all deadlines with urgency to get your message out to clients while it’s still fresh.

    • Guaranteed coverage:

      Our company offers guaranteed publication in Tier 1 media outlets like USA Today, Venture Beat, BBC, Inc, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Financial Times,, FinanceMagnets, Business Insider Africa, ScienceTimes, Asia Pacific,, Fortune India, CIO International Business Times Singapore Edition, International Business Times, Benzinga, Market Watch, Business2Community, International Business Times UK edition, International Business Times AU edition, TheStreet, (CANADA), BlastingNews, TechTimes, Hackernoon and


We have the expertise to help your business navigate parts of or all of the rebranding journey, employing long-term and short-term PR packages that communicate the transition to your new identity to key stakeholders and the general public. We offer guaranteed coverage in far-reaching publications like USA Today, Venture Beat, BBC, Nasdaq, and Entrepreneur, and the expertise to ensure that everyone clearly understands your new brand.

We know that rebranding isn’t an event, it’s a process. Rebranding exercises do not happen overnight, so we can lay the foundations by building anticipation around your relaunch day, ensuring your employees feel involved, and monitoring social media and other mentions. We can personalize your responses and prepare adequate content for use after launch day.

Yes, even though rebranding doesn’t happen all in one day, it is good practise to hold an official launch day to celebrate the change, because this tells the public that your old brand is now behind you.

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