When an unexpected event jeopardises the reputation of your business, your public response is critical to preserving it.


Although you cannot always control the adverse event itself, you can control the tone, scope and effectiveness of your crisis communications response by entrusting it to our skilled PR team. In our experience, managing such situations without professional help can be a gamble, so we recommend that you engage our assistance both to help you plan ahead and to act when a crisis occurs. And if you already have an in-house communications team, we can boost their effectiveness with supplementary expert input.


Planning for a worst-case scenario is the best way to mitigate its effects. The pressure to respond in the face of unexpected adverse events can easily lead to mistakes. We can help you formulate a crisis management plan with prewritten messages that remove the guesswork about what to say.

You need to be ready to respond, truthfully and quickly, clearly presenting your account of events. This will help to quash rumours and hearsay before they can take hold. You then need to take what actions you can to fix the problem and publicise each of your efforts as you complete them.


After the crisis, PR still has a role to play. Once you have identified what went wrong and you have drawn your conclusions about lessons learnt, your action plan will focus on short-term responses to help repair your reputation and long-term responses that will work to rebuild it. We offer guaranteed coverage, which means that highly reputable outlets such as Forbes, Nasdaq, and Entrepreneur will leave no one in any doubt that your brand is strong enough to weather this storm and any others that may come.

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