Result-driven PR packages with professional advisory services.


When you pay for PR publication services, you deserve to get the coverage that you expect. At BA Content and PR, we lead the pay-for-results revolution with a suite of cutting-edge PR packages.

Whatever your brand’s content-based PR needs, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Guaranteed results: We don’t get paid unless you get results. 
  • Exposure to Tier 1 media outlets: Instead of shopping around or passing your contact to intermediaries, we leverage our existing network of media partners. This is why we have over a 99% success rate.
  • Cost-effective packages: With no retainer, success, or other “hidden” fees, you get guaranteed results affordably – no surprises.

Our services

Ready to get your brand the exposure it deserves – and needs? We publish client content with Tier 1 media outlets, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Inc, Nasdaq,, and many others.

Our comprehensive catalog of packages that include an advisory service includes:

    • Short Term Packages: Achieve visibility fast through a multi-content publication strategy involving press releases and full-feature articles published across multiple platforms.
    • Long Term Packages: Establish a solid foundation and build a consistent content strategy with a full, annual publication plan.
    • Guaranteed Coverage: Ensure your content gets the quality exposure it deserves with guaranteed delivery via the biggest media outlets – Bloomberg, Forbes, Nasdaq, and more.
    • Product Launch: Spark interest and excitement in your new product launch by introducing it to the world using a story-driven marketing campaign.
    • Rebranding: Show the world the new you, with a press release campaign that aligns with your brand’s new direction.
    • Reputation Management: We’ll help you mitigate the damage of negative PR and restore your reputation through a discreet and results-driven PR campaign.
    • Crisis Management: Ensure that in moments of crisis, your communications are clear, timely, and confident, so you can focus on addressing the problem while putting your stakeholders at ease.

Comprehensive PR Advisory Services
All our packages come with advisory services delivered by one of our PR professionals. Our team is highly qualified in PR content creation and has real-world experience in the areas of financial education and PR services.


While many PR agencies offer performance-based services, the guarantees are often vague and inconsistent. Most require high retainers and take months to deliver.

With our performance-based models, clients pay for tangible results with a real business impact.

It’s a cost-effective and results-oriented approach to publicity. You can expect:

  • Fast results
  • Unmatched cost-efficiency
  • Billing for verified results only

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