How to Write Press Releases That Create Impact

by | Oct 26, 2022

So, you have a new product, a partnership, a research study, or maybe even a new office that you want to make the world aware of. You think about sending an email blast to your contacts, but then you remember all those spam emails we’ve all received and cringe. 

So instead, you think of writing a press release and submitting it to wire services. Are press releases outdated? Perhaps not if you know how to write them effectively. 

This article outlines everything you need to know about writing effective press releases that create impact — from why and when to send them out and what makes for good ones.

When to Write a Press Release?

If you have something important to communicate to the public, a press release could be a powerful way to do it. Traditionally, companies have used press releases to launch new products, report on corporate activities, and announce new hires. 

But in the era of clickbait, a carefully crafted newsworthy press release can be a potent tool for building relationships and gaining attention for your business. You can write a press release whether you’re announcing a new product, summarizing an existing product’s benefits, promoting a company initiative, or highlighting a customer success story. 

Remember, it’s not enough to write a press release. You also need to ensure your target audience sees and reads it.

The Anatomy of a Press Release

There is no standardized format for press releases, but they usually include the following: 

The Headline

The headline has to be catchy and attention-grabbing. It should also be to the point and tell the reader about the release. Remember, you have very little time to catch the reader’s attention and convince them to read on. So, give it your best shot. 

The Lead

The first paragraph should contain a lead relevant to the headline. The lead should also draw the reader in and make them curious about the following information.

The Introduction

The second paragraph of a press release is where you give some background on the topic of your press release. You can include any relevant information that might be useful to your readers.

The Body

The body is where you will include most of the information about your press release. 

Press releases should be short, to the point, and shouldn’t drag on about your product or service. 

Instead, focus on communicating essential information in the most concise way possible. Keep your paragraphs short, and limit them to 3 at the most. 

The Conclusion

Use the last paragraph of your press release to summarize your key points and restate your main takeaways. You should also add a call to action (CTA) in the conclusion section to give the reader a reason to act on the information they just read.

3 Tips for Writing an Effective Press Release

Identify a newsworthy hook.

What’s newsworthy about your announcement? What about it is interesting or noteworthy? Is it a major new partnership? New research findings? Significant changes or developments in your business? If you can’t identify what makes you newsworthy, it’s unlikely anyone else will.

Make it reader-friendly

The best press releases are written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention and promotes your message while still being exciting and easy to read. 

Remember, the people reading your release are likely busy and may not have enough time to read every word and sentence. Therefore, you should use clear language and straightforward sentences. When in doubt, less is more. Cut back on the wordiness and keep your sentences concise.

Make it newsworthy

Finally, when you write your press release, you have to consider whether it will be newsworthy. If you are writing about your company’s new product, you will likely have to pitch your story to many reporters. 

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However, most reporters only cover a small number of stories at a time, and they are probably already covering the most important stories to their readers. If you want your release to be read and shared, make sure it’s something that will be interesting and useful to other people.


Great press releases can provide powerful marketing tools for businesses looking to gain attention and drive sales through new leads. These releases can be effective if they are original, newsworthy, and contain relevant information. 

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