Top 10 PR and Marketing Experts to Watch Out For

by | Oct 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of public relations and digital marketing, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. However, being a top player in such a dynamic industry is not only about keeping up with the latest trends but also about shaping them. In this exclusive listicle, we present the “Top 10 PR & Marketing Experts to Watch Out For.” These individuals have not only made their mark by seamlessly navigating the intricacies of brand promotion, reputation management, and digital innovation but continue to redefine and revolutionize the PR and marketing industry. Whether through groundbreaking campaigns, visionary strategies, or thought leadership, they have earned their deserved place as industry leaders. Their stories, accomplishments, and foresight are sure to inspire and guide anyone aspiring to make a significant impact in this field.

1. Ohad Ben Artzi

Ohad Ben Artzi is a seasoned entrepreneur with a stronghold in marketing and finance. Founder of OBA PR, a global agency with bases in London and Cyprus and collaborations in the Middle East and India, he delivers tailored solutions to diverse clients. Additionally, through OBA Financials, he offers bespoke international investment opportunities. An Oxford MBA graduate with diplomas from the University of Düsseldorf and Reichman University, Ohad’s deep academic foundation complements his vast professional experience. Known for his innovative vision and global perspective, he’s become a trusted figure in financial and business circles, renowned for navigating complex international challenges.

2. Mindy M. Hull

Mindy M. Hull, CEO & founder of Mercury Global Partners (MGP), leads the charge in the dynamic PR world with over 25 years of experience. At MGP, she unites story and strategy seamlessly to serve B2B and B2C clients in emerging technologies. Her impressive track record boasts 40+ client exits worth over $10 billion, with notable names like Oracle, AWS, Apple, and more. Mindy’s expertise spans an array of sectors, from AI to fintech, propelling startups and challenger brands to global prominence. She’s a media relations maven, securing tier-one global coverage and prestigious speaking engagements for her clients at conferences like Mobile World Congress and CES. Before MGP, Mindy held senior positions in the media industry at the Financial Times, E.W. Scripps Co., and Inman News Group.

3. Karishhma Mago

Karishhma Mago is a serial entrepreneur, PR & personal branding maven, and cryptocurrency luminary at the forefront of the digital landscape. Leading from the front as the CEO & co-founder of the award-winning PR agency Digital Nod, Mago possesses a unique knack for spotting and leveraging emerging trends. Her expertise encompasses digital PR, blockchain marketing, social media growth, online reputation management, and digital communications, consistently amplifying brand relevance. Backed by an equally proficient team, she expertly advises international brands and influencers to solidify their foothold in the online world. Mago is also the visionary behind Miami Crypto, a distinguished blockchain & AI news platform based in Miami, USA. Her insightful contributions on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and leadership to crypto and finance grace major international publications, and her wisdom has garnered extensive media recognition in Forbes, CEOWORLD Magazine, Entrepreneur, and more.

4. Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter is an ex-entertainment marketer turned communications entrepreneur who is now the EVP and Managing Director of Virgo PR, a PR and Marketing Firm specializing in emerging markets, headquartered in New York. Previously, Kyle co-founded CMW Media. As the CEO, he oversaw all operations, business development, marketing, and financial communications for the agency, which grew into one of the leading PR firms in the cannabis space. Kyle’s true passion is success, and in the agency business, success is defined by a client’s success!

5. Emily Reynolds Bergh

Emily Reynolds Bergh, the founder of R Public Relations, is a dynamic PR & marketing expert hailing from New York. She boasts 15+ years of experience delivering personalized, top-caliber PR services to a diverse array of clients, particularly in the hospitality, business, and technology spaces. Starting out as a freelance writer, Emily now leads a dedicated team at R, a boutique lifestyle agency with a client-centric approach operating across five national hubs. Her work has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from Clutch, Expertise, UpCity, and Great Companies. An acknowledged thought leader, Emily also serves on the Forbes Business Council and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. She shares the same philosophy on life and lifestyle: “Your stories have power — make them move mountains!”

6. Gagandeep and Sakshi

Gagandeep and Sakshi are two powerhouse public relations and digital marketing experts from India who are the co-founders of Boom Brand Marketing Solutions. They help their clients build stellar brands through targeted advertising, organic PR coverage in top-tier publications, strategic media planning, and pitching. They have helped over 200 brands and entrepreneurs boost their online presence and visibility by getting featured in well-known media outlets. Gagandeep and Sakshi are on their way to going global with their business by offering unique and customized packages to international clients, including services like PR, digital marketing, link-building, and more.

7. Tom Hammaker

It’s an understatement to label Tom Hammaker, known for identifying overlooked opportunities in brand messaging and untapped assets, as simply a marketer. He is the go-to expert for brands looking to achieve growth or a successful product launch. Over the past four years, Hammaker has spearheaded major PR and advertising campaigns, collaborating with a Fortune 500 company on a successful new product launch and partnering with notable figures in sports and finance, boasting eight to nine-figure profiles. In 2023, he made a strategic shift, redirecting his expertise to support 89 outdoor brands. This shift marked an exclusive dedication to this sector, providing a valuable ally for hunting, fishing, camping, and recreational brands.

8. Gary B. Doherty

Gary B. Doherty, the man behind some of the greatest ever TEDx Talks online, is a world-renowned TEDx expert creating viral talk opportunities. Recently named the NI Businessman of the Year, he is obsessed with supporting ambitious thought leaders to be seen, heard, be visible, gain credibility, be respected, have a global impact, create real, meaningful change, and build a legacy with their message. He is a world-class expert in all things TEDx and major press opportunities. Gary and his team excel at creating strong and memorable personal brands that set their clients apart from the crowd, making them one of the best in the business.

9. Benjamin Webb

Benjamin Webb, the Founder & Managing Director of Deliberate PR, boasts a decade-long journey in the media industry. His agency, Deliberate PR, has been instrumental in catapulting Swedish tech and cultural startups onto the global stage since 2012. A strategic visionary, Benjamin expanded the agency’s footprint to New York in 2015, aiding Swedish startups in conquering the US market. Rejecting conventional PR approaches, Deliberate PR delivers what startups truly need, leveraging breaking news themes, creative strategies, and innovative tactics to secure media exposure, profiles, product reviews, and event presence. With a 22-strong team bridging the UK and US, Deliberate PR is the trusted partner for startups with compelling stories, transforming the UK into a launchpad for international expansion.

10. Molly Levinson

Molly Levinson, Founder & CEO of The Levinson Group (TLG), is a dynamic PR expert with over two decades of experience. She excels as a strategic advisor, focusing on reputation and brand issues at the confluence of media, policy, and law. Her profound understanding of media dynamics, coupled with her skill in crafting influential communications campaigns, has solidified her reputation in the industry. Molly has received accolades from Chambers and Partners, PR News, and LawDragon for her outstanding work. With a background in Emmy-award-winning journalism and roles as Political Director at CNN and CBS, she’s a seasoned professional known for her problem-solving abilities and commitment to achieving pay equality.



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